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(Inglés) ADAC Superplätze 2022

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Camping is becoming more and more luxurious: ADAC Camping awards 158 campsites in Europe with 5 stars

  • 28 new ADAC Superplätze in Europe, 21% growth in the top group/li>
  • Italy remains number 1 in the top group, Croatia records strongest growth

This year, the ADAC has again sent its inspectors to campsites all over Europe to check their quality. The most important result: With 28 new ADAC super campsites (+21%), the top group of European luxury camping has grown significantly. This brings the total number of 5-star rated campsites in Europe to 158. Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping: «28 new ADAC Superplätze show where the journey in camping is heading: higher quality for increasingly demanding campers.» There has also been a strong increase in the number of 4 and 4.5 star campsites. 103 campsites have made the leap into this segment (1,373 campsites) and are pleased to have received the ADAC Tip award.

Europe: Italy remains number 1, Croatia with strongest growth in the top group
With five new ADAC Superplätze, Italy continues to occupy the top position in the European ranking, as it did in the last survey. France gains eight new ADAC Superplätze and thus climbs from position 3 to position 2. Croatia also records the strongest percentage growth in the top group with eight new ADAC Superplaces (+62%). In addition, it jumps up three positions in the ranking to position 3. Germany gains two new ADAC Superplätze and remains unchanged in position 4 with 20 ADAC Superplätze. New ADAC Superplätze also come from Austria (+3) and Denmark (+1), Greece is represented in the top ranking for the first time with the new ADAC Superplatz Camping Ionion Beach (Peleponnes).

Number of ADAC Superplätze 2022 Europe:

1. Italy: 33 (+ 5)
2. France: 29 (+ 8)
3. Croatia: 21 (+ 8)
4. Germany: 20 (+ 2)
4. The Netherlands: 20 (- 3)
6. Spain: 16
7. Austria: 10 (+ 3)
8. Denmark: 3 (+ 1)
9. Greece: 1 (+ 1)
9. Luxemburg: 1
9. Portugal: 1
9. Sweden: 1
9. Switzerland: 1
9. Hungary: 1

ADAC Classification: This is how it is rated
The ADAC classification shows the level of facilities offered by a campsite. The highest classification level is 5 stars. The classification is calculated from the individual results of an inspection in the areas of sanitary facilities, campsite grounds, supply, leisure facilities and bathing facilities. For this purpose, ADAC inspectors travel throughout Europe to gain an on-site impression of the respective campsite. To ensure that the evaluation is fair and transparent, it follows fixed criteria that are applied uniformly throughout Europe. About 250 data points are collected during an inspection. If a campsite manages to achieve an above-average rating and is classified with 5 stars, it receives the ADAC Superplatz rating.

“ADAC Campingführer 2022” (ADAC Camping Guide 2022) on sale
The ADAC Camping Guide Germany and Northern Europe 2022 with the current classifications and detailed descriptions of more than 2,600 campsites and of course all listed ADAC super sites is now available in stores. The ADAC Camping Guide Southern Europe 2022 will be published on 5 January 2022.

All Superplätze 2022

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