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(Inglese) Corona, rising energy prices, war in Ukraine – will it be a good camping year?

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That’s what camping entrepreneurs say:

In our conversations with entrepreneurs from the camping industry, we learned of a good booking situation for the beginning season. Cancellations due to corona illnesses were a challenge for some campsite operators at the start of the season. However, in view of falling incidences, this effect is likely to weaken.

High prices for petrol and diesel, war in Ukraine – camping nevertheless
The war does not seem to have had much of an impact on demand for the main European camping destinations so far. Many camping holidaymakers are not deterred by high fuel prices either, as some camping operators report. The rapid increase in gas prices is catching the eye of guests: During our online consultations, entrepreneurs tell us that some guests are critical of higher prices for camping gas (or electricity). However, gas prices do not yet seem to be slowing down the overall demand for camping holidays.


This is what the figures from PiNCAMP say:

PiNCAMP figures show that page views and booking sales in the entire first quarter of 2022 are significantly higher than in the same quarter of the previous year. In some cases, even the “pre-Corona” level of 2019 is reached.

Only slight shift in campers’ interests
PiNCAMP also registers that campsites in some nearby destinations have been looked at relatively more often since the start of the war. Camping destinations such as the Netherlands and Belgium have seen significant increases. Southern and more distant countries such as Croatia have not increased in page views on PiNCAMP, but remain well ahead in the campers’ favour according to the share of online bookings. More on this soon here on!