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(Inglese) The nominees of the ADAC Camping Awards 2022

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  • International: ADAC Camping Award nominees come from Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Austria
  • Premiere: The ADAC Camping Booking Award will be presented for the first time
  • Ceremonial: Announcement of the Award Winners at the ADAC Camping Gala 2022 Live in Stuttgart

Berlin, 12.11.2021

After a one-year break, the award ceremony for the ADAC Camping Awards 2022 will once again take place as a live event at the ADAC Camping Gala on the evening before CMT in Stuttgart on January 14, 2022.

Many new things in 2022: Crippaconcept® as partner and broadcast of the ADAC Camping Gala via live stream
With Crippaconcept®, Italy’s leading designer and maker of mobile homes and lodge tents for high-end outdoor holidays, ADAC Camping has, for the first time, secured a partner for the ADAC Camping Gala. The brands share a pioneering spirit, the vision of sustainable innovation, and a sense of open-air hospitality and lifestyle. Crippaconcept® is committed to pursuing the camping origin research and values to the most outstanding modern glamping accommodation design for camping hospitality excellence. These brands share an equal passion and desire to push the boundaries of open-air travel for the next generation. Crippaconcept® is the presenter of the ADAC Camping Award in the category Innovation & Progress.
Another new feature is that, for the first time, interested parties from the camping industry and media representatives will also be able to follow the award show from home via a specially set-up live stream.

The nominations for the ADAC Camping Awards 2022
The nominees for the ADAC Camping Awards 2022 have been selected. Among hundreds of suggestions from the European camping industry and an international panel of 40 camping experts, the nominees for the ADAC Camping Awards were determined. The field of nominated campsites is also international: The campsites nominated for the ADAC Camping Awards come from Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Austria. The winners of Europe’s most prestigious camping award will be announced at the ADAC Camping Gala in Stuttgart on January 14, 2022. The nominees will compete in the four areas of Sustainability and Environmental Awareness, Innovation and Progress, Demographic Change and Accessibility, and for the first time, the ADAC Camping Booking Award. Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping GmbH, explains, “The award categories represent the four most important meta-trends in the camping industry, and we will showcase the industry’s trendsetters.”


“Sustainability and environmental awareness” category

In times of climate change and scarce resources, camping is considered to be particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly and takes a pioneering role among forms of tourism vacation. Last year, Camping Le Paradis from France impressed with a management concept based on ecological aspects and exemplary water management on the campsite. The nominees for the ADAC Camping Award 2022 in the category “Sustainability and Environmental Awareness” are:

  • Camping La Ballena Alegre (Spain)
    ADAC classification: 5 stars, user rating: Excellent (4,6)
    The operators of the ADAC super campsite Camping La Ballena Alegre are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly use of their camping facilities. The primary goal: to maximize the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Blokhus Natur Camping (Denmark)
    ADAC classification: 2 stars, user rating: no rating
    Blokhus Natur Camping is located in the north of Jutland near the windswept Jammer Bay. Here it is “wild and natural”. The operators of Blokhus Natur Camping have dedicated themselves to this motto and have been leading the camping site “back to nature” since they took over in 2017. Unmanaged areas are no longer mowed, fallen trees and shrubs, provided they do not pose an obstacle with potential danger, remain in their campsite and can rot “in peace”.
  • Ons Buiten (Netherlands)
    ADAC classification: 4.5 stars, user rating: Excellent (4.6)
    Located in the Zeeland region of the Netherlands, the operators of Ons Buiten campsite have come up with a fitting slogan for their facility: Natural Camping. This also means returning more space to nature and letting campers get back in touch with the natural environment.


“Innovation and Progress” category

This category honors campsites that use innovative ideas and also unusual concepts to promote the development of camping as a modern form of vacation. Last year’s winner in this category, “Ferienparadies Natterer See” from Austria, was honored for the innovative architecture and creative use concept of the camping facility. The nominees for 2022 are:

  • Camping Nature Parc L’Ardéchois (France)
    ADAC classification: 5 stars, user rating: Excellent (4.7)
    Camping L’Ardechois from France surprises with a new, innovative camping concept: campcooning. This neologism is made up of the terms camping and cocooning. The focus here is on the warm, cozy cocooning aspect of camping to complement the bling-bling aspect of glamping.
  • Centro Vacanze Pra’ delle Torri (Italy)
    ADAC classification: 5 stars, user rating: excellent (4,7)
    Centro Vacanze Pra’ delle Torri was nominated for its innovative target group concepts. The spacious resort impresses with a wide range of leisure and animation activities for young and old. Especially for the target group of teenagers and young adults, the managers of the resort have created a leisure facility with skate park, music pavilion and a place to relax and chillout. A unique facility in this form, tailored exactly to the needs of young campers.
  • La Rocca Camp (Italy)
    ADAC classification: 5 stars, user rating: Fabulous (4,4)
    La Rocca Camp is pioneering new ways to experience nature and camping. In 2021, La Rocca Camp opened a 13-hectare organic farm between the campground and the slopes of the nearby rock formation, the Rocca. This combination of the camping and farm experience, as well as the environmentally conscious management of the farm, is what makes this unique form of camping facility on Lake Garda so appealing.


“Demographic change and accessibility” category

This category honors campsites that integrate and implement the consequences of demographic change and the needs of special target groups in their accommodation concepts in an exemplary manner. Last year’s winner, Parque Cerdeira from Portugal, was awarded for its exemplary camping-for-all concept, which makes all areas and activities of the campsite accessible to guests of all ages, with or without disabilities. The nominees for 2022 are:

  • Strandcamping Waging am See (Germany)
    ADAC classification: 5 stars, user rating; Fabulous (4.4).
    “The ADAC Superplatz, Strandcamping Waging, has made “tourism for all” its goal. The idea that a carefree vacation is also possible for people with disabilities and their families is for the operators of Strandcamping Waging, according to their own statement, “ambition and obligation at the same time”. Strandcamping Waging is therefore focused firmly on accessibility.
  • Camping Salatà (Spain)
    ADAC classification: 3.5 stars, user rating: Fabulous (4.3)
    Camping Salatà is located in the city of Roses on the Costa Brava and offers elderly campers very comprehensive nursing and medical care during their stay. The campsite is especially frequented by elderly campers in the winter months, who spend the cold season in the north under the warming rays of the southern sun, but without having to give up the necessary assistance in nursing and medical care.
  • 50plus Campingpark Fisching (Austria)
    ADAC classification: 4 stars, user rating: very good (4.2)
    With their bold concept of focusing on a specific demographic target group, the 50plus Campingpark Fisching has proven that a target group-specific orientation of services – especially as a smaller, medium-sized family-run business – can be successfully implemented.


“ADAC Camping Booking Award” category

This newly created category honors campsites that adopt new, digital approaches to booking and availability of pitches for their guests and customers. This category is a further development of last year’s award for “Digitalization and Online Marketing”. In 2021, the award winner was Aminess Maravea Camping Resort (, which impressed with many user-friendly digital features, such as online reservation of restaurant seats and online booking of fitness classes and excursions. Nominated for the ADAC Camping Booking Award 2022 are:

  • Aminess Atea Camping Resort (Croatia)
    ADAC classification: 4.5 stars, user rating: good (3.9)
    Located on the sunny Croatian island of Krk and part of the Aminess Group, Atea Camping Resort is one of Europe’s leading camping facilities when it comes to online bookability. Both via its own website and via the online booking platform PiNCAMP, the optimal utilization of the facility is controlled, even and especially in the high season.
  • Camping Stover Strand Kloodt (Germany)
    ADAC classification: 4.5 stars, user rating: good (3.9)
    When it comes to online bookability, Camping Stover Strand Kloodt is considered a pioneer and forerunner of digitalization in the German camping market. With precise control of available capacities and the connection of its own booking tool to PiNCAMP, Camping Stover Strand Kloodt generates high visibility on all distribution channels and thus also reliably high advance bookings for the available pitches and rental camping properties.
  • Feddet Strand Resort (Denmark)
    ADAC classification: 5 stars, user rating: good (3.9)
    The Danish campsite Feddet Strand Resort takes a pioneering role for the Scandinavian camping market when it comes to online bookability. Thanks to sophisticated offer management and a cross-platform marketing strategy, the campsite also achieved a strong result in the 2021 corona year. This is also evidenced by the online bookings realized via PiNCAMP, which gave Feddet Strand Resort a top position in Europe in an international comparison.

Photos and logos are available for download here.