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Camping with a dog – still a trend among campers in 2023

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Camping with dogs will remain a trend in 2023. Data from ADAC Camping / PiNCAMP show which countries in Europe particularly support this trend and, for example, have a beach section for dogs.

Germany records the most campsites for camping with dogs

With 58 campsites, Germany offers the most camping destinations suitable for holidays with dogs. However, compared to the number of campsites in the country, Germany is clearly behind Denmark, Croatia and Austria in percentage terms. Out of 353 campsites in Denmark, 21 are particularly suitable for camping holidays with dogs, which accounts for about 6% of all campsites in the country.

Camping holidays – dogs are an integral part

For many campers, a camping holiday with a dog is important. 79% of all campers consider a dog to be part of their camping holiday, as long as all criteria are met. For campers with dogs, it is important that dogs have a safe environment and that there is a dog meadow and a dog shower at the campsite. Only 21% of all campers would like to go on a camping holiday without their dog.

Beach sections – Germany way ahead 

A survey via PiNCAMP showed that 40.6% of all campers would like a holiday with beach or sea access.
With 62 beach sections for dogs, Germany is the ideal camping destination for dogs and is therefore suitable for combining a beach holiday with camping with dogs. Also Croatia, with its direct access to the sea, has 42 beach sections for dogs and is likewise suitable as a beach holiday destination when camping with dogs.