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Holiday Calendar 2024

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Maximizing Guest Bookings with Our Tailored Holiday Calender

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Multilingual Mastery: A Calendar for Every Camper in 7 languages

Holiday calendar 2024 in your language can be found and downloaded at the bottom of this page – click here

In a move that sets new standards in the camping industry, we have crafted a holiday calendar in seven languages – English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and Croatian. The calendar is thoughtfully designed with two pages, featuring comprehensive holiday schedules for 14 European countries.


Prioritizing School Holidays

Understanding when school holidays occur across different countries is crucial in the camping industry. These periods are prime times for families to plan their camping trips. Our calendar, available in seven languages, provides detailed information on these key vacation periods, allowing campsite owners to anticipate and prepare for the influx of family campers.


Incorporating Extended National Holidays

Additionally, the inclusion of extended national holidays — those spanning four days or more — adds another layer of insight. These long weekends and holiday stretches are popular times for short getaways and camping excursions. By highlighting these periods, we offer campsite owners the chance to capitalize on these additional peak times, ensuring they don’t miss out on potential bookings.

Unlock the Potential of Strategic Vacation Planning

In the dynamic world of camping and outdoor hospitality, understanding your guests’ vacation patterns is key to maximizing occupancy and enhancing guest experience. This is where our specialized holiday calendar, carefully divided by country and month, emerges as an esential tool for campsite managers.


International Insight, Local Advantage

Our holiday calendar isn’t just a list of dates; it’s a window into the vacation habits of potential guests across Europe. By segmenting holidays country-wise, we provide campsite owners with a deeper insight into when Europeans are most inclined to embark on camping journeys. From the extended summer breaks commonly enjoyed in July and August across the continent, to unique national holidays in various European countries, our calendar encompasses it all, ensuring no key holiday period is overlooked.


Strategic Marketing for Maximum Occupancy

With this specialized knowledge, campsite owners can craft marketing campaigns that resonate with their primary audience. Imagine offering exclusive early bird discounts to Dutch families planning their summer vacations, or crafting winter camping experiences for Scandinavians. Our calendar empowers you to reach the right audience at the right time.

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Operational Efficiency Through Advanced Planning

The calendar is also a tool for impeccable operational planning. Knowing in advance when the waves of campers from different countries are likely to arrive enables better staffing, superior service preparation, and effective inventory management. This preparation ensures every guest receives the exceptional experience they seek.


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