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Insights from the ADAC Tourism Survey “Travel Habits in Transition”

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Discover here the take-aways from the ADAC tourism survey: “Travel Habits in Transition”.
The survey shows clear insights and trends for German camping tourism:

Every one in two uses the car

Every one in two people in Germany uses the car as their main means of travel. The car increased by 6 % in 2022 compared to 2019 as the first choice form of transport for holiday travel. On the other hand, the travel by plane has decreased by 8 %. Rail travel experienced a 3% increase while bus, boat and camper remained almost the same. It can be concluded from this development that many participants still want to spend their holidays flexibly by car.

Europe remains popular travel destination

A third of all respondents said that they have come to value Europe as a travel destination. From the figures of  2022 compared to 2019, this suggests a long-term attitude. 43% indicated Europe as their main travel destination, in 2022  as their main holiday destination.Holidays in Europe (excluding Germany) have become popular once again after the Corona crisis and is the second largest main holiday destination of all respondents in 2022 with 43%.

Nature is an important booking factor for travellers

Sustainability and a low carbon footprint are important to people in Germany, but not driving factors for booking their holidays. Whereas intact nature at the holiday destination is one of the most important booking factors of all respondents. A further important factor when booking a trip is political stability / distance from conflict hotspots at 50 %. Current inflation also contributes to the desire to travel in a cost-optimised and cost-effective manner (with 48%).
At 71%, all respondents feel that a plannable and uncomplicated arrival and departure is important, which leads to the conclusion that a digitalisation/ online booking of campsites is unavoidable.

Despite years of crisis: people’s need to travel remains constant in Germany

Despite inflation and years of crisis, the need for travel among those surveyed remains constant, with as many as 31% feeling a greater need to travel. At 71%, individual travel continues to be the most popular form of travel. Seaside holidays are still the most popular type of holiday with 33 %. Due to inflation, cost-optimised travel is an important aspect and keeps the willingness to pay extra low among all respondents. Adding upgrades or extras to a trip is less readily accepted, as 38% of all respondents expect their financial situation to worsen in the coming years.

Travel behaviour of people in Germany is normalising

The ADAC survey shows that the travel behaviour of people in Germany is returning to normal. However, various factors have become more important for campers: Holidays in Germany, safety aspects and financial constraints. This suggests that industries and politics have to act to further develop Germany as a tourism location. Read more from the survey here (in German).