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Motorhome and caravan boom in Germany continues – travel abroad on the rise again

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Despite war and rising prices, Germans are enthusiastic about vacationing with campers and caravans. The strong demand for camping from the Corona summer 2021 continues in 2022. This was the result of the representative study “Caravaning Business Insights 2022” presented at the end of June.

Germans are camping more in other European countries again

In the 2021 season, which was dominated by the pandemic, 68% still went to campsites in their own country. One reason is certainly the travel restrictions in force in 2021. In 2022, Germany (with the top 4 Mecklenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Lower Saxony) is still the most sought-after destination . But the share of respondents who plan to camp in Germany declined to 38%. Increased demand for camper and caravan vacations abroad was concentrated in Italy (12 %), Croatia and France (8 % each), Austria and Scandinavia (6 % each) and Spain with 5 %.

own illustration based on Caravaning Insights survey, gsr Unternehmensberatung / MiiOS Marktforschung, June 2022


Despite desire to travel abroad – fuel prices influence travel decisions

German caravan and motorhome vacationers are keeping an eye on the rising prices of fuel and general price increases. In each case, just over 40% of respondents said these factors influenced their destination decisions very much or a lot. The Ukraine war and the global political situation, on the other hand, were less significant in influencing their own travel decisions, with 25% saying they had a very strong or strong influence.

A representative picture of the mood of the German population and camping vacationers

The Caravaning Business Insights 2022 study was conducted by gsr Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Augsburg, and the Nuremberg-based market research institute MiiOS GmbH. For the study, 10,298 interviews were conducted with people between the ages of 18 and 80. This sample also included 3,173 people who own, rent or intend to rent a campervan or caravan. This study is thus considered representative of the German population as a whole. PiNCAMP, Auto Bild Reisemobil and other companies supported the study with their expertise. More information and the possibility to order the complete study results can be found here.