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PiNCAMP Price Analysis Europe 2024

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  • Camping holidays will become significantly more expensive
  • Peak season prices will rise by 14 percent
  • Germany and Sweden still the cheapest camping countries

Life is getting more expensive and camping is no exception to this trend. In 2024 campers will have to pay significantly more for their summer holiday in Germany and Europe than in previous years. This is the result of the PiNCAMP Price Analysis 2024*). According to this analysis camping prices will rise by an average of 14 per cent across Europe during the peak season. A camper family of three pays an average of 52 euros (previous year 45 euros) for an overnight stay on a pitch at a campsite in the summer season. In a European comparison of the main holiday destinations*) Germany is the cheapest camping country at 38 euros per overnight stay. The previous leader, Sweden, is in second place in the ranking of the cheapest main holiday destinations with a price of 39 euros. As in previous years, camping holidays are most expensive in Switzerland (56 euros), Italy (63 euros) and Croatia (65 euros).

Netherlands and Great Britain with sharp price increases

The high-priced camping countries Croatia, Italy and Switzerland remain below the European average of 14 per cent with price increases of 10 to 12 per cent. German campsites have also adjusted their prices rather moderately. In 2023 a camper family with a ten-year-old child had to pay 34 euros for an overnight stay at a campsite. In 2024 it will be 11 percent more at 38 euros. Danish campsite operators have increased their overnight prices by 5 per cent to 48 euros. This puts the scandinavian camping country in third place behind Germany and Sweden as the cheapest main holiday destination. With sharp increases of more than 25 per cent, the UK (25%) and the Netherlands (27%) are the frontrunners in terms of price increases.


*) Definition: The PiNCAMP price analysis determines the amount that a camper family of three has to pay for an overnight camping holiday in the peak summer season. This includes the costs for two adults, one child up to the age of 10 and the pitch fee for a motorhome or caravan with towing vehicle. At a European level the prices of over 2,000 campsites rated with three or more stars according to the ADAC classification in the main holiday destinations of Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden with an ADAC classification of three stars or more were taken into account.