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PiNCAMP Price comparison 2022: Families pay an average of 52 euros per night in Europe

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  • Camping in Europe: Families pay an average of 52 euros per night
  • Increase in quality justifies a 5% rise in prices
  • Sweden, Germany and France are the cheapest camping countries


The 2022 camping season is approaching. Exactly the right time to take a look at the price level for camping vacation in Germany and Europe. Therefore, PiNCAMP, the ADAC camping portal, publishes the ADAC comparative prices*). The result: German campers continue to stay overnight in their own country at particularly low prices. After a price increase of 3% compared to the previous year, a camper family with two adults and a 10-year-old child will pay an average of 38.33 euros per night in Germany in 2022. Germany thus remains the second cheapest European camping country after Sweden (37.41 euros). At 1%, Sweden also has the lowest price increase in a European comparison. On average, a camper family in the main vacation countries*) in Europe (chart) pays 51.98 euros, 5% more than in the previous year.


Switzerland, Croatia and Italy: high quality results in higher prices

In a comparison of countries, camper families will continue to pay the highest overnight prices in Switzerland in 2022 (64.15 euros). This is followed by Croatia (60.37 euros) and Italy (60.28 euros). The campsites in the two popular southern European holiday countries have improved in quality during the Corona crisis and were able to record a significant increase in 13 ADAC super sites and 12 ADAC tip sites. This increase in quality explains the price increase of 7% and 5% respectively compared to the previous year. Switzerland, on the other hand, was quite moderate with an increase of 1%. The highest price increases, 8%, were recorded in Spain and Great Britain. Austria (50.34 euros) breaks the 50 euro mark for the first time.


Camping is and remains an inexpensive form of vacation

At a time when massive price increases (e.g. energy) are to be expected in all areas of life, there is one piece of positive news: overnight prices at campsites are and will remain favourable. Camping as a nature-oriented and sustainable form of vacation is booming. Last year, more than 100,000 new camping vehicles were registered in Germany. Camping expert and managing director of ADAC Camping GmbH, Uwe Frers, expects extremely strong demand for camping vacation in the 2022 camping season as well and emphasises the relevance of booking in advance: “We can already see that numerous campsites in Europe are fully booked in the high season. I strongly advise planning your camping trip early and booking your desired site directly online via With the help of the availability search, campsites with free capacities for the desired period can be found quickly on” 


*) Definition: The ADAC comparative price is the total amount that a family of three has to pay for an overnight stay in the summer peak season. Included are the costs for two adults, a 10-year-old child, the pitch fee for a motorhome/caravan and a caravan, electricity (5 kWh), hot showers and visitor’s tax. Only campsites with a three-star rating or higher according to the ADAC classification and with 50 or more tourist pitches were considered in this comparative price survey. This survey is based on the mean values of the prices quoted by more than 2,500 campsites for one overnight stay. At European level, campsites in the main holiday countries (Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden) with a three-star rating or higher according to the ADAC classification were taken into account. The comparative prices were calculated on the basis of the average values of the price ranges provided.