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Price-performance ratio at Europe’s campsites – which countries do well

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Where do campers get particularly good value for their money? PiNCAMP investigated this in the current camping season – for the most important camping countries and for the German federal states. For the comparison, the average star ratings of the ADAC classification were divided by the average overnight price.

Particularly good value for money in the Netherlands

Dutch campsites share the lead with Croatia when it comes to star quality. Guests in the Netherlands enjoy quality at a very favorable price-performance ratio. This is because the price per night is moderate, averaging 44.88 euros.

High quality, higher prices in Southern Europe and the Alps

Campsites in Croatia achieve top star ratings in the ADAC classification along with the Netherlands, followed by sites in Austria, France, Italy. Spain, Germany and Slovenia follow behind. In Croatia and Italy in particular, however, guests pay significantly more for the very good services than in Holland. Therefore, they are in the calculated price-performance ratio in the midfield.

Germany with good price performance ratio on place two

In the price performance comparison German campsites reach the second place behind the Netherlands. With the star classification Germany lies on a middle place. However, thanks to the low comparative price of 36.99 euros, the value for money is the second best in the country comparison.

ADAC Superplaces – Germany and the Netherlands ahead in price-performance ratio

When comparing the price-performance ratios of the ADAC Superplätze, German 5-star sites achieve top values. Because here the guests camp for a comparison price of 55.15 euro per night. In the Netherlands, the price is 61.98 euros; in France and other major camping countries, it is considerably more.