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The ADAC “Superplätze” of the camping season 2023

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  • New Record: 175 campsites awarded ADAC Superplatz status 
  • Growth: 23 new ADAC Superplätze in 2023
  • New number 1: France with the largest number of ADAC Superplätze
  • Overview: All new ADAC Superplätze of the 2023 season at a glance


Berlin, 08.11.2022  The ADAC inspections are completed and the evaluation of all inspection data is finished. The result: The number of campsites awarded the highest rating of 5 stars according to the ADAC classification has risen to a record 175 for the 2023 camping season (previous year 158). No fewer than 23 5-star campsites can boast the distinction of ADAC Superplätze for the first time. 

The largest increase in ADAC Superplätze was recorded by France with no less than 13 new 5-star sites. Thus France with up-to-date 42 ADAC Superplätze moves in front of the past leader Italy, which could win 4 Supersites in addition and now comes on 37 5-star campsites. Croatia (22 Superplätze), Germany (21) and the Netherlands (18) are next in line.

The ADAC Superplätze by nation

  1. France (42 super places, +13 compared to previous year)
  2. Italy (37, +4)
  3. Croatia (22, +1)
  4. Germany (21, +1)
  5. Netherlands (18, -2)
  6. Spain (15, -1)
  7. Austria (11, +1)
  8. Denmark (3)
  9. Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary (1 each)


The Superplatz newcomers

Camping lake view Toni (AT) 

Spa and vacation camping Max 1 (DE)

Les Méditerranées Beach Garden (FR)
Castel Camping Parc de Fierbois (FR)
Sunêlia Domaine Les Ranchisses (FR)
Camping & Spa Airotel L’Océan (FR)
Camping Domaine de la Brèche (FR)
Yelloh! Village Ilbarritz (FR)
Yelloh! Village Les Mouettes (FR)
Yelloh! Village Aloha (FR)
Domaine de Soleil Plage (FR)
Camping Sandaya L’Escale Saint-Gilles (FR)
Camping Sunêlia Les Sablons (FR)
Camping Domaine de Champé (FR)
Camping Sandaya Le Moulin de l’Eclis (FR)

Ježevac Premium Camping Resort (HR)
Arena Grand Kažela Campsite (HR)
San Servolo Wellness Camping (HR)
Camping Mon Perin (HR)

Villaggio Turistico Europa (IT)
Camping Bella Italia (IT)
Camping Village Baia Azzurra (IT)
Camping Pappasole (IT)


All ADAC Superplätze in 2023

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