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Two weeks of southern German Pentecost holidays – more demand, higher capacity utilisation

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Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, with a combined population of over 24 million, enjoy long Pentecost holidays, as they do every year. Families in all other German states have only a few days around the long Pentecost weekend or a week of school holidays. Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg families with schoolchildren, on the other hand, traditionally enjoy a full 2 weeks of Pentecost holidays.

Many southern Germans take advantage of this special arrangement for a second holiday and go camping in the south

Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg and all other families with schoolchildren in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg can again go camping for a fortnight in 2023. Many book a full 7 or 14 days, from Saturday, 27 May, to Saturday, 2 or 9 June 2023. Exactly one week is booked most frequently at PiNCAMP campsites in Italy and Croatia.

This is also worthwhile for guests in terms of price:

According to a Europe-wide PiNCAMP camping price analysis, the pitch price per night is reduced by 8% when booking a whole week compared to the price of one night. In the case of rental accommodation, savings of as much as 17% per night can be made if seven nights are booked instead of one.

Italian, Croatian, and increasingly French and Spanish campsites are preparing for the German Pentecost holidays

They not only make sure that restaurants, pools and other facilities are open. Animation programmes for school children are often not limited to July and August, but are already offered during the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg Pentecost holidays.

Guests reward this with high demand

PiNCAMP has also seen a strong increase in searches for camping holidays arriving in May and June. The demand for arrival dates in May partly exceeds that of the periods in high summer. This is most likely due to the attractive Pentecost holidays and the long holiday weekends.

Places that offer a lot in the early season are often booked out well in advance during the Pentecost holidays

The price level for the Pentecost holidays is usually significantly higher than the weekly prices in other pre-season periods. On Lake Garda, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, but also in the hinterland, a “second peak season” is developing. This allows campsites to significantly improve their occupancy and turnover.