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Workation: Is the camping industry prepared for the trend?

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Workation, that is working (Work) while on holiday (Vacation)! More and more campers want to be able to open their laptops and work during their stay at the campsite. Workation is a good way for campsite operators to utilise capacity outside of holiday periods. But how well is the camping industry prepared for the workation trend?

We asked our partners whether their campsites are suitable for the workation trend. 62.50% of the campsites surveyed stated that their campsite is suitable for workation. The analysis indicates that the presence of WiFi is a prerequisite for campsites to feel well positioned for workation. An extra area to work quietly and with additional digital infrastructure (e.g. a co-working space with monitor or printing facilities) is still the exception. Another 31.20% stated that they are currently adapting the digital infrastructure to meet the demand for Workation.

Campsites are becoming more digital

Many camping operators have recognised the signs of the times and, in the course of digitalisation, are equipping their sites with (free) wifi for their guests. An important cornerstone to serve the Workation trend. An analysis by ADAC Camping showed that 70.80% of all campsites in Europe offer WiFi. The best coverage of campsites with WiFi in Europe is Austria (90.43% of campsites in Austria offer WiFi). This is closely followed by Denmark (89.24%), Switzerland (81.57%) and Belgium (83.20%).

Practical examples: This is how workation can work

Our survey revealed great examples of ideal working on a campsite.

In Switzerland, TCS Camping Solothurn impressed especially with its creative implementation of a co-working space including free broadband internet (can be rented on request):


Another creative way to establish co-working at the campsite for guests was done by the Stel Camping & Bungalows Resort in Catalonia (Spain):


Camping Nautic Almata in Costa Brava (Spanien) has not only created a co-working space for guests, but an entire office with a fridge, printer, coffee machine and enclosed workspaces:


Is the camping industry prepared for Workation?

Most campsites offer (free) internet for their guests. This is the most important criterion to enable guests to work on site. However, a pleasant, quiet and efficient working environment (e.g. in a specially equipped co-working space) is often not available. Setting up better working environments has the potential to attract even more working holidaymakers as guests.