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 ADAC Classification: Services & Criteria

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The ADAC classification, which is uniform throughout Europe and has five possible stars, reflects the level of facilities offered by campsites in Europe and enables a fair comparison in the areas of sanitary, grounds, campsite stores, recreation and bathing. It takes into account equipment and quality features, is based on standardised criteria and is highly regarded by campsites and campers.

The basis for the classification of a campsite is the results of annual inspections carried out by independent inspectors during the summer peak season. Due to limited capacity, campsites are prioritised. Campsites that are interested in an inspection can contact us by Email: Campsites with classifications that have made major changes from one season to the next can also contact Campsites with 5 stars will be awarded the rating “ADAC Superplatz”, campsites with 4 to 4.5 stars will be awarded ADAC TIPP”. This system helps campers find their ideal destination and select campsites according to their preferences.

ADAC Classification Reports

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The weighting of the performance criteria

Not all criteria are equally important to campers. That´s why the different campsite characteristics weigh differently on the ADAC Classification.

  • Sanitary 39%
  • Grounds 26%
  • Campsite stores 10%
  • Recreation 12,5%
  • Bathing 12,5%

Rating sanitary

The rating of the sanitary facilities has the greatest influence on the ADAC classification, accounting for 39%. Both the quantity and quality of the sanitary facilities play an important role.

In terms of quality, the architecture and design of the buildings, maintenance and cleanliness are assessed. Buildings with a high relevance for tourist campers also have a greater influence than sanitary facilities that are partly or mainly used by permanent campers. In relation to the number of guests at full occupancy of the campsite, the following sanitary facilities pay off quantitatively in the ADAC classification:

  • toilets
  • washbasins
  • showers
  • single and combined cabins
  • dishwashing sinks and dishwashers
  • laundry sinks, washing machines and dryers
  • sinks for cassette toilets

Rating grounds

The rating of the pitches category accounts for 26% of the ADAC classification. It is made up equally of the evaluation of the pitches and the so-called public areas of the campsite. Both quantity and quality are taken into account.
The following factors play a role in the evaluation of the pitches:

  • The size and layout of the pitches
  • Maintenance and design of the pitches
  • Direct electricity connections and their amperage
  • Fresh and waste water connections
  • Gas connections
  • WLAN at the stand

Public areas include:

  • Reception area
  • Site signage
  • Parking on arrival and departure
  • Overall impression of the site (including planting, structure, layout)
  • Cleanliness of the campsite

Rating the campsite stores

The supply category has a 10% influence on the ADAC classification of a camp site. Shopping facilities such as bread service, kiosk, grocery store and supermarket are taken into account, as well as camping and leisure articles available and cafés, bistros, snack bars and restaurants. Shopping and catering each contribute equally to the overall score and are assessed qualitatively in addition to “available on site or not”.

Rating the recreation

Leisure activities account for 12.5% of the ADAC classification. A distinction is made here between entertainment facilities for children, sports enthusiasts and adults, and all permanent facilities relating to games, sport and wellness. The scores for each of these two areas contribute equally to the leisure category score.

Games, sports and wellness are assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively. This means that it depends on how many different types of play equipment, sports fields and wellness facilities are available and how well maintained and up-to-date they are. The size of the playgrounds also affects the score. Bad weather facilities such as a recreation room and indoor play areas are also taken into account. Recreation is assessed on the number of days in the peak summer season and the number of hours of guided activities.

Rating the Bathing

Bathing facilities account for 12.5% of the ADAC classification. Points can be awarded for access to natural waters such as the sea, lake and river, as well as for swimming pools and paddling areas.

When assessing natural facilities, the ADAC classification focuses on the size of beaches and sunbathing areas and their facilities, such as umbrellas and showers, as well as the cleanliness and maintenance of the recreational areas. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools are judged on cleanliness, maintenance, pool design and the size of all areas for swimming and splashing about.

ADAC Classification Icons 2024

Your campsite has been classified by the ADAC? Show it to your website visitors. Select the icon with the correct campsite star rating or use our general classification icon without stars.

What exactly are these icons?

The icons are the usual image files that you can integrate into your website.

How do I integrate the icons into my website?

Select the icon(s) that you want to show on your website, download the file(s) and place them in the preferred spot on your website. We also recommend that you link the icon to your PiNCAMP profile page.

Important: Make sure to link the icon to your campsite profile at There, campers will find a German-language listing of all equipment features. Benefit from the familiar structure for campers, as well as the many years of trust in the ADAC.

Download classification icons:

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Despite all the explanations, sometimes something remains unclear. We have summarized the most frequently asked questions and their answers here. Should you also have individual concerns regarding the ADAC classification of your campsite, please feel free to contact us, stating your campsite name and location or your ADAC search number. Send your email to: