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A victory for campsites? Public screening during the Euro 2024

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The 2024 European Football Championship is just around the corner. Campsites across Europe are preparing to make the sporting event of the year an unforgettable experience for their guests. The results of our survey on public screening and football offers show how the 2024 European Championships will be celebrated at campsites. In this article, we present the results and highlight specific offers from individual campsites.

Survey results: How does the EM affect the campers holiday planning

The good news: holiday planning is hardly affected by the European Championships. A survey of PiNCAMP’s social media followers revealed that 87% would go camping as planned despite the European Championships. Only 6% are determined to watch the matches on TV at home and have therefore postponed their holiday plans. A further 7% of the campers surveyed only go on holiday if they can watch the games on site.

Enthusiasm among campers is divided. 50% of those surveyed stated they want to watch the European Championships during their stay at a campsite. 50% of the campers are not watching the games at all. Interesting: Around the same number of campers (20% each) want to watch the games via internet streaming or at public screenings on the campsite. A full 10% want to watch the games via aerial.

Survey among Campsites: Commitment beyond the game

Around 92% of the campsites that took part in the survey plan to offer public screening during Euro 2024. Of these, 80% of campsites intend to broadcast all matches, 17% selected matches and just under 3% only the matches of the home team.

Most campsites create a festive and welcoming atmosphere during the European Championships:
EM and themed decorations are planned by around 32% of the campsites surveyed to celebrate the football festival with their guests.
29% of the campsites are planning proper public screening parties. This underlines the fact that many operators are prioritising communal experiences.
Football tournaments on the campsite are organised by 16%, which promotes the sporting spirit and contact between guests.
A further 23% are planning other events to enhance the European Championship experience.

Highlights of the football-related offers

Around 77% of the campsites surveyed offer football-related facilities. These range from football pitches to special training grounds. Here are some prime examples of campsites with public screening, active football facilities and more:

  • Venjans Camping in Sweden stands out with its close-to-nature broadcasting with an outdoor projector. Active footballers meet on the pitch surrounded by greenery.
  • La Bastiane in France uses the area around the bar for public screenings and complements the offer with themed decorations and quiz events to enrich the football festival.
  • Skiveren Camping in Denmark creates a cosy atmosphere with its public screening in the common room and also offers football pitches for sporting activities.
  • Camping Sènia Tucan in Spain impresses with a huge LED screen for broadcasting the matches. Those who want to actively live out their passion for football before or after the public screenings can look forward to several football pitches.
  • Zaton Holiday Resort in the Croatian region of Zadar is ready for Euro 2024 and is showing great commitment to offering its guests unique football experiences. The resort is broadcasting all matches on large screens in bars and restaurants. A lively, cheerful atmosphere is guaranteed at the joint international public screenings. In addition to the broadcasts, Zaton offers various football-related activities: Beach soccer and ‘5 vs. 5’ football pitches with natural and artificial turf invite you to play actively. Football tournaments and themed decorations provide additional fun and a sense of community among the guests.

Conclusion: More than just camping

The survey results and the wide range of offers from the campsites emphasise that Euro 2024 is much more than just a football event. For campsites, the European Championships are an excellent opportunity to promote community and enthusiasm. Through public screening, accompanying events and football-related facilities, they offer added value that attracts guests and enriches the camping experience. Experiencing Euro 2024 on a campsite promises a sense of community, passion for football, emotion and joy.