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From camping to dolphin watching – campers travel far for the perfect summer holiday

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With the growing interest in camping holidays and varied leisure activities, the topic of water fun at campsites has also evolved. From extraordinary water parks to stand-up paddling with yoga to climbing and sliding landscapes on the water, campsites offer unforgettable water experiences alongside idyllic nature and tranquillity. We at ADAC Camping were curious to find out which special water offers are hidden at campsites and how important water parks are for camping guests. That’s why we asked our campsite partners and our PiNCAMP community. Result: Everything from climbing and sliding landscapes on the water to submarine rides are offered and very much appreciated.


Water parks an essential on camping holidays – campers travel more than 500km

For most of our PiNCAMP community, a water park is an essential part of their summer holiday. 44% of respondents say that it is “very important” for them to visit a water park. In contrast, it is unimportant for only 8%. Various water slides and water attractions are particularly important to campers for an unforgettable camping summer. A holiday without a water park? That is unimaginable for more than two thirds (70%) of the PiNCAMP community. There is hardly any distance too far: a journey of more than 500km is gladly accepted.


Water fun at the campsite – boat hire remains a classic

Our survey on the topic of water activities among campsite owners showed that everything from activities such as dolphin watching or a submarine ride to stand-up paddling with yoga is included. But what are the TOP 3 activities on campsites?

To make the most of their geographical location, many campsites have recognised its potential and combined its location with water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking or stand-up paddling to offer more variety to their guests. The TOP 3 mentions are boat rental, stand-up paddling and kayak/canoe rental. Other mentioned sports activities at campsites include diving courses, surfing courses and water skiing.


Our highlights from our water fun at campsites survey

In addition to the classics, three campsites have come up with something very special:

At the Kreidesee campsite in Germany, not only are diving courses offered, but also submarine rides:

In Italy at camping Barco Reale, campers can enjoy panoramic views in an infinity pool:

At Camping Le Vieux Port in France, not only can you go fishing and hydrospeeding, but campers are also offered a unique dolphin-watching opportunity:

Offer your campsite guests a refreshing time out! We are very impressed by this great variety of water activities! Keep up the good work!