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Newly Bookable on PiNCAMP: Vodatent Germany

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Seven German campsites partnering with Vodatent

In this edition of our newsletter, we are thrilled to announce a significant development in our camping community.  Several of our beloved campsites, already known for their exceptional hospitality and breathtaking locations, are now teaming up with Vodatent, a renowned provider of luxurious safari tents. That’s right – even more campsites on our platform are expanding their offerings to include luxurious glamping accommodation, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to outdoor getaway.

Minicamping MiO

These seven campsites from Germany, renowned for their exceptional hospitality and picturesque locations, have joined forces with Vodatent to introduce luxurious safari tents to their accommodations. By embracing this partnership, they are opening doors to a world of comfort and luxury along the beauty of nature:

Camping Aller Leine Tal, Niedersachsen

Camping Bockenauer Schweiz, Rheinland-Pfalz

Camping Drei Spatzen, Rheinland-Pfalz

Camping Elbeling, Niedersachsen

Camping Sonnenberg, Niedersachsen

Camping Walsheim, Saarland

Minicamping MiO, Sachsen

Explore our gallery to discover the featured campsites:

Camping Aller Leine Tal
Camping Bockenauer Schweiz
Camping Drei Spatzen
Camping Elbelin
Camping Sonnenberg
Camping Walsheim
Minicamping MiO