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These are the winners of the ADAC Camping Awards 2023

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  • Well-deserved: Siegfried Heinze Latzke posthumously in the Hall of Fame 
  • International: Winners come from France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany
  • Overview: All winners and nominees of the ADAC Camping Awards 

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Stuttgart, 16.01.2023 – The winners of this year’s ADAC Camping Awards have been announced. On the occasion of the ADAC Camping Gala, the winners of Europe’s most important camping award were chosen on Friday evening in Friedrichsbau Varieté Theater, Stuttgart. Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping GmbH ( “The ADAC Camping Awards are as important to the camping industry as the Oscars are to the film industry. We honor the trendsetters of the industry with this award.” Among hundreds of suggestions from the camping industry and an international commission of 40 camping experts, the award winners were selected in four thematic categories: Sustainability and Environmental Awareness, Innovation and Progress, Demographic Change and Accessibility, and ADAC Camping Booking. In addition, another personality of the European camping industry, Siegfried Heinze Latzke, who died in December 2022, was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Well-deserved: Siegfried Heinze Latzke in the Hall of Fame 

The highlight of the award ceremony was the induction of Siegfried Heinze Latzke, who passed away in December, into the Hall of Fame. In his eulogy, Uwe Frers paid tribute to Heinze’s lifetime achievements and his contributions to the development of European camping tourism. “With the death of Siegfried Heinze, the European camping community has lost forever a great promoter and friend of camping. He created a network with the most important camping organizations and associations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Spain. It is fair to say that Siegfried Heinze Latzke’s activities first put Spain, and later Portugal, on the European camping map.”


Overview: All winners and nominees of the ADAC Camping Awards 2023

Before that, this year’s winners of the ADAC Camping Awards were chosen. The announcement of the winners of the ADAC Camping Awards 2023 was presented by CrippaConcept. CrippaConcept is the largest manufacturer of mobile homes and lodge tents in Italy and is an official partner of the ADAC Camping Gala. 


Winner category “Sustainability and environmental awareness”: Camping du Domaine de Massereau (France) 

The ADAC Supersite, which has been awarded 5 stars, focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the camping facility in all areas. Special highlight: The photovoltaic system completed in 2021 supplies the entire camping facility with 100% electricity which is unique in Europe. Other nominees in the category “Sustainability and Environmental Awareness”: Campingpark Havelberge (Germany) and Nysted Strand Camping (Denmark).


Winner category “Innovation and Progress”: TCS Pop Up Glamping (Switzerland)

With TCS Pop-Up Glamping, the Swiss camping experts of the Touring Club Switzerland have created an exclusive glamping experience above the timberline in the Alps. From late June to mid-September, glamping guests enjoy luxury tent camping at an altitude of 2,000 meters in the midst of the Swiss mountains. Other nominees in the “Innovation and Progress” category: Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort (Italy) and Camping & Resort Sanguli Resort (Spain).


Winner category “Demographic change and accessibility”: Holiday Village Florence (Italy)

The entire resort, including the associated beaches, is accessible to all – including and especially guests with disabilities. This includes barrier-free access to all facilities and beaches. Visually impaired and blind people explore the site via tactile maps and info in Braille. Other nominees in the category “Demographic Change and Accessibility”: Camping Harfenmühle (Germany) and Les Jardins de la Pascalinette (France).


Winner category “ADAC Camping Booking”: Ostseequelle.Camp (Germany)

The entire booking process and also the check-in and check-out process are completely digitalized. Only online bookings are accepted. Guests arriving without prior booking use a terminal at the former reception building for online check-in. Access to the site is controlled by a barrier with license plate recognition. Other nominees in the “ADAC Camping Booking” category: Camping De Kleine Wolf (Netherlands) and Zaton Holday Resort (Croatia).

The award ceremony of the ADAC Camping Awards 2024 is again planned as a live event during the ADAC Camping Gala on the occasion of the CMT in Stuttgart in January 2024.