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(Engels) Developments on PiNCAMP

1 minuten leestijd

We at ADAC Camping / PiNCAMP are constantly working to improve our website for the camper. This way we ensure that our website is always up to date with the latest developments and that the camper can find the right holiday destination easily and quickly. Now we have put more developments online.


New destination pages

More inspiration, a better overview: We have completely redesigned our country pages. Campers will find even more inspiration and get to their favourite campsite in their desired country more quickly. Faster loading times and search engine optimisation (SEO) ensure that your campsite will be found even better.

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More content for rental campers

Rental camping is the entry into the world of camping for many people. Renting mobile homes or glamping tents has also become essential for most camping entrepreneurs. To help interested campers find their dream holiday in a mobile home even better, we are now providing more content for this target group.

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