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Findings from the ADAC survey analysing the camping target group – Part 1

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Find out the most important results of the ADAC study on the target group analysis of campers. The study provides insightful findings and trends on camping tourism in Germany:

Camping is becoming more and more important in Germany and the target group of campers is also growing. About one in five people in Germany, which corresponds to 21 percent of the population aged 16 and over according to the ADAC definition, belong to the group of campers. That is around 15 million people. Among ADAC members, the figure is as high as 29 percent. Most campers are not newcomers: 12 percent of Germans aged 16 and over have already been to a campsite once in the last four years and plan to do so again in the next two years. Another 6 percent are planning their first camping holiday for 2023/2024.

For around 5 percent of the German population aged 16 and over, camping is the preferred form of travel, which they would always prefer to other forms of travel.Camping is practised in different variants, with the use of mobile homes, tents and mobile homes being the most widespread. Here the share is between 5 and 7 percent of the population aged 16 and over. Around 8 percent of Germans own a camping vehicle in their household, mostly in the form of a camper van, caravan or camping bus.

The camping target group is concentrated on travellers up to the age of 39. Among campers in Germany, the age segments up to 39 years in particular are overrepresented, while people aged 60 and over are underrepresented. It is interesting to note, however, that the proportion of camping enthusiasts, who go on holiday more often than normal campers and are therefore referred to as “enthusiasts” in the article, is particularly high in the over-60 age group.


ADAC members go camping more often than non-members

There is a correlation between ADAC membership and a preference for camping. According to data from the ADAC target group study, ADAC members tend to follow the call of camping more often than non-members. Since 2019, ADAC members have taken an average of 4.5 camping holidays of at least three nights each, while camping enthusiasts can boast a whopping 5.8 holidays. On average, German campers have gone on 4.1 camping holidays since 2019.


Structural characteristics of the camping target group in Germany

  • Households with three or more persons dominate, while single and couple households tend to be in the minority. In addition, there is an above-average representation of children up to the age of 14.
  • Working people and people in education make up a higher proportion of the target group for camping, while pensioners are underrepresented.
  • High proportion of ADAC members in the camping target group, which is above average at 47%.
  • A particular affinity for sustainability issues: around 40% of respondents attach great importance to aspects such as “sustainable mobility at the destination”, “carbon footprint of the camping trip” and “availability of sustainable food at the destination” when booking a trip.
  • 38% of respondents say they also pay attention to a sustainable lifestyle in everyday life.